Business Advisory

We are an independent advisor to SME businesses, small business boards and executive committees - We workshop to define or refine business strategy and business plans - We assist with identifying most appropriate business structures for growth; company registrations, trust and shareholding setup - We work together with SME clients to unpack growth opportunities; new customers, investment, franchising, financing and partnerships - We create solid implementation plans with timelines to meet objectives - We setup reporting and feedback mechanisms to ensure clients stay on track - We provide leadership coaching, both business coaching and personal coaching throughout our time together and beyond. 

Office Work
Executive Administration

We provide assistance with applications for business finance, investment or endorsement - We sit in at meetings with the aim of securing strategic partnerships, endorsement and funding - We provide assistance with general business paperwork and administration such as budgets and forecasts (as needed) - We assist with operations modelling focusing on team formation, roles and responsibilities for growth.

Business Handshake
Link to Service Providers

We are catalysts to various service providers, including but not limited to:

  • Independent contractors

  • Rapid delivery software developers

  • Industry specific management consultants

  • Investors and venture capitalists

  • Industry specific staffing providers

  • Implementation experts, project and programme managers

  • Marketing, advertising and digital agencies

  • Legal and accounting practitioners


We assist with setting up preferential service provider rates as well as networking the client businesses through the CEO Squad network.

Conference Event
Community Workshops

CEO Squad also hosts regular Strategic Mindset Workshops and other community development seminars. These  workshops include strategic planning, peer advisory counselling, marketing & sales planning, accountability processes, business planning and work/life balance implementation.


CEO Squad begins its interaction with an SME with an initial consultation to unpack the current state of the business and their need. Thereafter, if the SME meets the criteria of a CEO Squad client, the SME is directed to either the one-year Business Advisory Programme, the On-Demand Advisory Programme or the Special Projects Programme.  Each business is paired with one or more CEO Squad Associates based on industry and fit.

CEO Squad also performs Due Diligence Services for Investors and Venture Capitalists to validate their investment decision.