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Unique TenDim

CEO Squad toolkit comprises a range of industry tools and approaches that have been hand selected to create a unique and integrated Ten Dimensional framework that facilitates our Product & Programme Office.

Based on your need, these are packaged to solve your unique problem. Our value resides in our toolkit and unique approach to every business problem.

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Product Office

Product Management


The art to product development, planning, pricing, forecasting, and defining the go-to market approach with the ultimate goals and objectives.

Feasibility Assessment


The art of writing or reviewing business plans, critically evaluating the soundness of the approach, the market, demand, business model and potential challenges

Risk Management


The art of classification and prioritisation of key risks followed by planned mitigation approaches

Portfolio Management


The art of planning for the right projects at the right time using the best use of limited resources and building synergies between the portfolio

Account Management


The art of nurturing and mediating relationships, retaining loyal clients, partners and stakeholders

Programme Office

Programme Management


The art of overseeing multiple related projects and initiatives that strive toward a common objective

Project Management


The art of organising resources, coordinating teams and monitoring progress of individual projects; technical and non-technical

Product Ownership


The art and agile approach to prioritising team workload by business value to streamline execution of technical delivery

Deployment Management


The art of taking a new product or enhancement to market, listening to market feedback and adjusting the deployment strategy towards meeting and exceeding goals

Change Management


The art of taking the correct approaches to support individuals, teams and organisations through change

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