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Join the Team

CEO Squad requires the collaboration of many individuals, institutions and businesses to achieve the desired success of the client base. 

CEO Squad invites experienced professionals and consultants to join our network. Associates will be required to be available for project based consultancy work or as advisors and mentors to other CEO Squad associates and clients. Associates are either private sector industry experts, corporate professionals or successful entrepreneurs that have solid (+5 years) within their field and a high degree of problem solving. 

If you meet the above and have a passion for people, growth and the creation of sustainable businesses, register to join CEO Squad. Application is open to all industries. Membership is free.

  • Be part of an exclusive network of consultants & executives

  • Create confidential and trusting relationships

  • Extraordinary peer-to-peer ideation

  • Social and comfortable settings

  • Learn from CEO Wisdom

  • Use your skills to advise and mentor associates and clients

  • Earn market related rates when you choose to consult/advise

  • Develop as a whole person, not just a consultant

  • Become a leader amongst leaders

Call for Associates

CEO Squad associates mostly fall between the ages of 30 and 45 and will work directly with other associates and clients. Applicants over the age of 45, will automatically fall into the category of CEO Wisdom, providing guidance to the younger CEO Squad.

eg: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Property...

eg: Project Management, Data Engineering, Cloud Management...

Are you joining as an individual or company?
What is your weekly consulting availability?

CEO Squad will process your details only for the purposes of associate registration and application.

Thanks for registering. We will be in touch.

Dynamic Leadership with CEO Squad

Work amongst the CEO Squad team to drive client programme success. Our principles of agility, smart planning, open minded thinking, problem solving and continuous reflection allows us to achieve what we set out to do. You learn as we learn.

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