CEO Squad was founded by individuals wanting to make a real difference; combining all that they know and are good at, into value that can be created for the small business market as well as community upliftment in South Africa and beyond.

When one thinks of business advisories and consultancies, all the “big names” come to mind who focus on providing their services to corporate and larger enterprises (those that can afford their time).  But, how much of the  the private sector is advising and assisting the crux of our economy, the small business that has all the capability to scale but just doesn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle yet?

In his February 2019 state of the nation address, president Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government will focus on significantly expanding the small business incubation programme in 2019. The incubation programme provides budding entrepreneurs with physical space, infrastructure and shared services, access to specialised knowledge, market linkages, training in the use of new technologies and access to finance.

However, these incubators alone are not the solution.  These must be coupled with expert guidance, advisory services and mentorship. Welcome the CEO Squad, a leadership army of CEO skilled individuals willing to take on the challenge.


  • To achieve our MISSION and VISION

  • To create a unique, upscale, innovative environment that will differentiate CEO Squad from other advisory, management consulting or professional development businesses;​

  • Recruit high calibre associates that are currently core to corporate enterprises and successful entrepreneurial businesses, to ensure that associate knowledge, experience and networks are current and practical;

  • Educate the SME community on what business and strategic advisories have to offer;

  • Foster a learning environment that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum to overcome challenges both professionally and personally;

  • Provide affordable access to the resources of business advisory and other consulting services;

  • To create noticeable wealth in township economies;

  • To see measurable growth and success with the clients we serve - Their success is our success!

We are different

The most unique characteristic, is that the CEO Squad comprises associates that have a current and solid history working in corporate and successful start-up environments. Advisers of this calibre are not even seen in large management consulting firms. CEO Squad is the advisory firm unlike others with professional industry experts that want to primarily focus on the SME market.

Additionally, CEO Squad offers the ability to experience ongoing, reinforcement development, versus a typical "one-time" seminar format assistance. CEO Squad provides development and support for a year or more.  Since each client will be immediately qualified for one-on-one advising and professional development, we will manage and monitor the specific progress of each client to ensure appropriate development with each and every session.