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CEO Squad was founded by professionals wanting to make a real difference; combining all that they know and are good at, into value that can be created for corporates, entrepreneurs, the small business market as well as community growth in South Africa and beyond.

Our MISSION is to use the collective knowledge of the CEO Squad to promote successful implementation of complex business initiatives towards delivery and financial freedom, as well as to network various community businesses, industry specialists, contractors, consultants, service providers and investors.

We are a leadership army of CEO skilled individuals willing to take on the challenge, providing expert consulting, guidance, advisory services and mentorship


  • To create a unique, upscale, innovative environment that will differentiate CEO Squad from other advisory, management consulting or professional development businesses;​

  • Recruit high calibre associates that are currently core to corporate enterprises and successful entrepreneurial businesses, to ensure that associate knowledge, experience and networks are current and practical;

  • Foster a learning environment that will bring people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum to overcome challenges both professionally and personally;

  • Provide outcome-based access to resources of business consulting and other advisory services;

  • To see measurable growth and success with the clients we serve - Their success is our success!

We are different

The most unique characteristic of CEO Squad, is that we are made up of associates that have a current and solid history working in corporate and successful start-up environments. CEO Squad is a firm unlike others with professional industry experts that are agile and outcome focussed.

Additionally, CEO Squad offers the ability to experience ongoing, reinforced, flexible growth versus a typical "one-time" advisory format assistance. CEO Squad provides development and support from 3 months to a year or more.  Since each client is unique, we manage and monitor the specific progress using our TenDim approach to ensure appropriate progress with each and every month and quarter that passes - supported by our unique communication cadence framework.

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