CEO Squad requires the collaboration of many individuals, institutions and businesses to achieve its mission and vision. 

Members & Associates

Members are skilled professionals that hold senior positions within a company or division and are directly responsible for strategy or operations of the business or division. They alternatively hold MBAs or equivalent Business Management Degrees, and have a willingness to scale SME’s in South Africa for the betterment of local communities. Members can choose to be Associates and provide Advisory and Consulting Services to SME clients.


Endorsers are institutions, professional bodies, NGOs/NPOs and industry leaders with influence that have a direct or indirect goal to see the growth of SME and the South African economy. These parties back the CEO Squad and the clients to stimulate faster growth.

Service Providers

Service Providers are specialist small businesses, corporates, consultants and contractors that provide services to SME clients beyond the scope of the CEO Squad. CEO Squad links clients to service providers, with preferential rates negotiated by the CEO Squad.


With the target market of CEO Squad in the SME sector, these small business or individuals cannot afford corporate advisory rates. Sponsors are thus required to bridge the gap between the rate the SME can afford and the already discounted rate of CEO Squad Associates. 

CEO Squad members are either private sector industry experts, corporate professionals or successful entrepreneurs that hold senior positions within a company or division. Example titles representing CEO Squad Associates may include C-Level titles (CEO, COO or CFO), Business Head, Director, President, Managing Director, Executive Manager or Managing Partner.

If you meet the above or have a position of leadership and have a passion for people, growth and the creation of sustainable businesses, apply to join CEO Squad. Application is open to all industries. Membership is FREE.

CEO Squad Associates fall between the ages of 35 and 45 and will work directly with township entrepreneurs and other Associates. Applicants over the age of 45, will automatically fall into the category of CEO Wisdom, providing guidance to the younger CEO Squad.

  • Be part of an exclusive network of executives

  • Create confidential and trusting relationships

  • Extraordinary peer-to-peer Ideation

  • Social and Comfortable settings

  • Learn from CEO Wisdom

  • Use your skills to advise and mentor young township businesses (as an Associate)

  • Earn market related rates if you choose to mentor/consult

  • Develop as a whole person, not just an executive

  • Become a leader amongst leaders

Ensuring ESD Success

Work with CEO Squad to ensure your ESD (Enterprise Supplier Development) programme is a success. Whether you are a corporate or an ESD advisory, the highly qualified and committed CEO Squad Associates will work directly with SMEs to advise, mentor, support and drive your ESD goals.