Established in 2019, CEO Squad is a group of private sector industry experts, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs coming together to help strategise and scale young thriving businesses towards financial success and operational excellence.


CEO Squad brings together individuals whose experience exceeds a decade in starting up, funding, running and streamlining successful small businesses and corporate business units. We are not a management consultancy, nor a finance house. Consider CEO Squad as an advisory and non-executive / independent member of a small business helping them define and achieve their business goals.

CEO Squad provides objective guidance to multiple industries, focused but not limited to community businesses, retail, banking, insurance, property and public benefit organisations. However, our expertise lends keenly to businesses that have a strong reliance on technology from platform systems, mobile and desktop applications and digital marketing.

CEO Squad has an associate member base, with the founding associates specializing in strategy, operations and finance. The founding and individually handpicked associates make up the collective knowledge of the greater squad; meeting regularly, sharing input, experiences and industry trends to ensure accurate guidance to client businesses. Depending on the client business requirement and fit, one or more CEO Squad associates are allocated to a client.


CEO Squad comprises mostly of younger, vibrant professionals (aged between 35 and 45) with validation from older industry leaders who form CEO Wisdom. With this balance we are able to provide guidance to business owners and leaders that best suits both traditional consumers as well as millennial and centennial consumers.


We have strong business administration acumen with partners holding MBA degrees or equivalent. We believe in leadership theory, from transformational leadership to behavioural economics. All partners are to have a balanced lifestyle; with hobbies, exercise, religion, family or other to complement their academic and business drive. This creates a constructive life balance that promotes objectivity and stimulates creative thinking  and innovative implementation solutions.

All partners of CEO Squad have a passion for people, growth and the creation of sustainable businesses. Don’t expect us to wear a suite and tie but, we can put one on when needed and look great in it too. We embrace fun, dedication and determination and gain satisfaction from the success of others.