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CEO Squad is a group of private sector industry experts, corporate professionals and successful entrepreneurs coming together to help strategise and scale young thriving businesses towards financial success and operational excellence...


The CEO Squad concept was founded by individuals wanting to make a real difference; combining all that they know and are good at into value that can be created for the small business market and community upliftment in South Africa and beyond...


CEO Squad provides business advisory, executive administration, strategic planning, professional development and counselling for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This includes being a catalyst to industry service providers, consultants and investors...

Our MISSION is to use the collective knowledge of the CEO Squad to foster practical business skills and grow township individuals (but not limited to) and associated businesses to financial freedom as well as to network various community businesses, contractors, consultants, service providers and investors.

Our VISION is to stimulate and create self-sustainable communities improving the livelihood of the South African masses, thus reducing the burden on the tax payer and slowly but exponentially growing the economy; one business at a time.

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Work with CEO Squad to ensure your ESD (Enterprise Supplier Development) programme is a success.