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Executive & Leadership Support

We work with you to prioritise your key challenges and utilise the tools from our TenDim toolbox to define the root cause and resolution path. Our soft skills approach to unlock maximum value from your hard skills.

TenDim Framework

Unique Ten Dimensional approach to business problem solving 

Don't Lead Alone.
Together we achieve your success.

In Tandem - In TenDim rather.
About Us

CEO Squad is a group of private sector industry experts, corporate professionals and experienced consultants coming together to help strategise and scale businesses initiatives towards financial success and operational excellence...


The CEO Squad concept was founded to make a real difference in implementing challenging  projects; combining all we know and are good at into value that can be created for corporates, entrepreneurs, small business market and community growth in South Africa and beyond...


CEO Squad provides business consulting, advisory, executive administration, strategic planning, professional development and project planning.  This includes being a catalyst to industry service providers, technology specialists, marketing support  and investors...


Are you are an entrepreneur, new business venture or corporate with an agile mindset?


Do you have an idea, business plan, strategy or business problem that needs progressing?


Does your business need have a technology dependency and you need assistance to move forward?


Is your need in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Property & Conveyancing, or Healthcare?


CEO Squad also works with small and micro businesses in a mentorship capacity, teaching basic business skills to young entrepreneurs, helping them unlock their true potential. This is offered as a private service or can be coupled with Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programmes.

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